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For reliable water testing, look no further than our water analysis kits. Regular testing is critical to maintaining clean water all season long. Our simple kits are easy-to-use, and 100% effective in fast and thorough water analysis.


Everyone wants a relaxing spa experience. That’s why we made our one-of-a-kind spa water purifying formula. This solution not only gives the water a silky feel, it leaves skin feeling moisturized and fresh.

Trouble Shooter

This fail-proof formula is fortified with corrosion inhibitors to protect pool equipment and fixtures. Added benefits include water purification and softness.


Similar to an enhancer, our shock treatments keep pool water clean and clear. Our shocks help the chlorine in your pool eliminate bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. Good for weekly use, or to kick off pool season in the spring.


The key to a healthy, swimmable pool is stable chlorine levels. Treating water regularly reduces the chances of pH levels fluctuating, and enhances swimmer comfort. Our disinfectants make water feel soft, and won’t irritate eyes or skin.


No one wants to swim in a dirty pool. If your water stops looking crystal clear, it may be time to use an enhancer. Our specialized formulas restore pool water to its original clarity and softness, regardless of your water hardness level.


Maintaining your pool’s pH balance is crucial in protecting the fixtures and equipment that keep it safe and clean. Our balancing solutions raise the total alkalinity in the water, and prevent corrosion.


When you think of algae, you may think of ponds or lakes, but these pesky plants can affect swimming pools as well. Wind, rain, and even swimsuits are constantly bringing spores into bodies of water, including your pool. That’s why it’s so important to start treating your water today, before a bloom starts and spreads. Our algaecides are effective and safe, eliminating algae when it strikes.

Step 1 "Hello Water"

A clean spa begins with beautiful, clear water. In the realm of spa care, there are three areas of maintenance any spa owner must be familiar with.

Balance Keeping water in balance ensures that the spa water will be comfortable in the short term and the equipment lasts over the long term. See Step 2 below.
Hygiene We need to practice good water hygiene to keep water from being overrun from germs, bacteria, and other gross particles in the water. See Step 3 below.
Cleaning Similar to an automobile, if you keep it clean and perform maintenance on the filter, a spa can run for a very long time. Step 4 below.
Steps 4, 5, and 6 put the previous steps together in an easy-to-use “program” resulting in clean good looking water with minimum effort.

Step 2. Water Balance

Water balance consists of testing and making possible adjustments to pH, total alkalinity, and calcium hardness. Maintaining proper water balance will ensure maximum results from your sanitizers, while maintaining comfortable water. If you are filling your spa for the first time, you should have your water tested by your authorized SpaPure dealer to check for these levels initially. As the spa is being used, the water should be tested at least a couple of times weekly, to ensure that these factors are within their appropriate ranges.

Adjust pH to 7.2-7.6 by using ProTeam Spa pH Increaser or ProTeam Spa pH Decreaser.
pH out of range will cause corrosive or scale forming water that is uncomfortable and damaging to the spa.

Use ProTeam Spa Alkalinity Up to elevate alkalinity into the range of 100-120 ppm.
Total Alkalinity out of range will cause pH to go out of its ideal ranger quicker and more frequently.

ProTeam Spa Calcium Up will raise water hardness to the desired range of 150-250 ppm.
Calcium Hardness out of range will cause long term harm to the spas sensitive equipment. Water may even be uncomfortable to bathers.

Step 3. Water Hygiene

There are two types of water care products that always need to be added to maintain healthy and great looking water. Those two products types are sanitizers and oxidizers. Oxidizers are often referred to as Shock.

Sanitizers control and destroy germs and other unwanted bacteria from the water. Sanitizers must be added to the water steadily and frequently. Oxidizers or Shocks remove the buildup of materials we introduce to the water, like personal care products and sweat. Additionally, shocks revitalize sanitizers in water and prevent water from emitting an unpleasant odor. A residential spa should be shocked at least once a week.

ProTeam Spa Brominating Tabs
The easiest way to introduce sanitizer to spa water.

ProTeam Spa Di-Chlor
Strong, effective, long lasting, and completely soluble sanitizer.

Shock water while adding a small but beneficial amount of sanitizer to the spa.

ProTeam Spa Oxidizing Shock
Fast dissolving and odor free shock that does not use chlorine or bromine.

Step 4. Water Cleaning

Most of the work to keep a spa clean is done automatically. Spa water needs to be turned over several times a day, so it is important to make sure that the spa periodically turns on, circulates, and filters the water.

A spa filter works hard to remove material from your water, most of which is too small to see with the naked eye. Since the filter is constantly collecting material, light to moderately used spas should have their filters cleaned and degreased monthly with ProTeam Spa Filter Clean. Looking to avoid cleaning the filter? Regular additions of ProTeam Spa Natural Clean will effectively extend the time between cleanings!

The natural breakdown of cleaning products and the buildup of oils from your own skin will eventually make the spa water less pleasant than the day it was first filled. For the ultimate spa experience, your home spa should be drained and refilled every three months. Between refills, clean the spa surface with ProTeam Spa Surface Clean. This cleaner is safe for most surfaces, and will help keep your spa looking and feeling its best for years.

Step 5. Ideal Ranges

These are the ideal ranges a residential spa should be kept at for great looking and water that is safe to soak in.
  • Bromine 3.0-5.0 ppm
  • Free Chlorine 1.0-3.0 ppm
  • pH 7.2 - 7.6
  • Total Alkalinity 100-120 ppm
  • Calcium Hardness 200-400 ppm
  • Metals 0 ppm

Step 6. Initial fill & Initial Use

Five easy steps when freshly filling a new or an existing spa:
  1. As the spa is filling, add ProTeam Gentle Spa to the spa. This will make water care a breeze and keep water looking spectacular.
  2. Shortly afterwards, add ProTeam Spa Metal Magic to the spa. This will prevent water issues such as scaling and staining.
  3. Once the spa is filled and well circulated, balance the spa water.
  4. Add a sanitizer to the spa. When using bromine, start by adding ProTeam Spa Brom Start to the spa. Shortly afterwards, add ProTeam Spa Brominating Tabs to the spa in an appropriate tablet dispenser. When using chlorine, add ProTeam Spa Di-Chlor directly to the spa to achieve appropriate sanitizer levels.
  5. Shock the spa. If you are a new spa owner or your spa has not had water in it for a few days or longer, use ProTeam Spa Multi Magic Shock.

Step 7. Periodic Maintenance

Check your spa periodically to ensure that the spa is circulating at least four hours a day. Without circulation, no matter how many water care products you add to the spa, the water will turn cloudy, smelly, or worse. Weekly care should include three steps:
  • Apply ProTeam Spa Sky Blue Clarifier to maintain water clarity
  • Apply SpaPure Metal Magic to prevent scale buildup on surfaces and equipment
  • Shock the spa using ProTeam Spa Oxidizing Shock or ProTeam Spa Multi Magic Shock

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