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For reliable water testing, look no further than our water analysis kits. Regular testing is critical to maintaining clean water all season long. Our simple kits are easy-to-use, and 100% effective in fast and thorough water analysis.


Everyone wants a relaxing spa experience. That’s why we made our one-of-a-kind spa water purifying formula. This solution not only gives the water a silky feel, it leaves skin feeling moisturized and fresh.

Similar to an enhancer, our shock treatments keep pool water clean and clear. Our shocks help the chlorine in your pool eliminate bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. Good for weekly use, or to kick off pool season in the spring.


The key to a healthy, swimmable pool is stable chlorine levels. Treating water regularly reduces the chances of pH levels fluctuating, and enhances swimmer comfort. Our disinfectants make water feel soft, and won’t irritate eyes or skin.


This fail-proof formula is fortified with corrosion inhibitors to protect pool equipment and fixtures. Added benefits include water purification and softness.


No one wants to swim in a dirty pool. If your water stops looking crystal clear, it may be time to use an enhancer. Our specialized formulas restore pool water to its original clarity and softness, regardless of your water hardness level.


Maintaining your pool’s pH balance is crucial in protecting the fixtures and equipment that keep it safe and clean. Our balancing solutions raise the total alkalinity in the water, and prevent corrosion.


When you think of algae, you may think of ponds or lakes, but these pesky plants can affect swimming pools as well. Wind, rain, and even swimsuits are constantly bringing spores into bodies of water, including your pool. That’s why it’s so important to start treating your water today, before a bloom starts and spreads. Our algaecides are effective and safe, eliminating algae when it strikes.

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